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Work life balance week
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Did you know it is National Work Life Week this week?

National Work Life Week, is organised by the charity Working Families and its aim is to create a balance between our working commitments and family life. Employers are encouraged to highlight the importance of well-being at work and to emphasise the benefits of flexible working.

As a working mother, I find this a particularly important campaign. I am lucky that my employer offers me the opportunity to work flexibly, and that on the days that I don’t work, I am able to concentrate on my business. This helps to maintain a structure that works for the family as a whole, for my employer and my own business.

I know I am incredibly lucky that my employer can see the benefits of flexible working, many employers don’t or do not trust their staff to let them do it. I have worked in organisations where ‘flexible working’ is frowned upon, managers and other members of staff seem to think that ‘working from home’ means sitting on the sofa, with a cup of tea and watching This Morning. Whereas, you will find that staff who are given the opportunity to work from home are more engaged, motivated and are able to achieve more.

However, flexible working or working from home does come with some negatives. Your home is your office, and knowing how to literally ‘switch off’ can be difficult. I often find myself, turning on the laptop to quickly check work emails, even though I know I shouldn’t because it is my day off or it is the weekend. So, this week I have promised myself and my family that I am not going to do that. The laptop will be put away and my phone will be left upstairs so I can’t check my emails, or Twitter or Facebook. I will probably feel like part of me is missing (I think I am addicted to my smartphone) but I am sure my boys will be happy about it.

I think it is a great idea to remind ourselves every once in while that ‘All work and no play, leads to a stressful, fun-less life’. Bring the balance back by leaving work on time, keeping the laptop turned off and leaving your phone at home.  Then, go outside and enjoy this wonderful Autumn weather we are experiencing. It will not only do your health good, but you will also feel less stressed and it will help you to refocus.

Enjoy Work Life Week!


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