If content is king, is imagery the queen?

Why imagery is important
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Content creators, digital marketers and marketing agencies bang on about how ‘Content is King’. Their belief is that if you have unique and well-written content it will help showcase you as an expert in your field and differentiate you from your competition. Plus, Goggle loves unique content, so it will be great for your SEO.

It’s therefore very easy to just focus on the written content and forget about the imagery.

Does imagery matter?

Absolutely! Choosing the right imagery could make the difference between your blog post getting read, or not.

If we consider how people search for information, this will reinforce the point that imagery is just as important, (and sometimes even more so) than content.

The use of social media in information finding can’t be underestimated. Traditionally if we wanted to find something out we turned to search engines. We still do this, but increasingly people are searching for answers to questions on social media sites. It may surprise you to find out that Youtube is ranked as the second biggest search engine.

If someone is scrolling through the social media search results what will make them stop and click on your post? An eye-catching image!

How do you know which image is the right one to use?

The honest answer is; there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing imagery. This comes down to personal choice.

Some people think strategically when it comes to choosing imagery. They pick images that relate precisely to the content topic. Say, for example, they are writing a blog post on construction techniques. They might choose to use imagery of bricks, builders, cranes etc.

Whereas someone else may choose to use imagery that is totally unrelated to the topic.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, when it comes to choosing imagery. I always try to relate it back (somehow) to the content, either linking it in with the title, or a phrase that I have used in the content.

Things to consider when choosing imagery

When choosing imagery it’s important to consider:

  • Quality of the image
  • If you have the right to use the image
  • What will the image look like if it is rescaled or cropped
  • Will the image work across all media channels

Where to find imagery?

If you have the budget you can have your own photographs taken by a photographer. Going down this route can be costly but may be necessary if you run an e-commerce store and need to have photos of your stock.

You can purchase the right to use imagery from sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

Or, you can use sites that operate under a Creative Comms Zero licence which means you can use and modify the images for use on your website(s), social media channels… without needing permission from the photographer. One of my favourite sites that operate under this licence is Unsplash.

The photos on this site are taken by professional photographers (so they look very professional), they rescale extremely well and are FREE!

Sites like Unsplash are a great resource if you on a tight budget.

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