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Why hire a freelance writer
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Why hire a freelance writer?

What differentiates you from someone whose business has a larger following on social media, has more clients, makes more money, or is constantly featured in magazines?

Some might say “passion”, “determination” or “enthusiasm”.

You have all these, right? Yet, there are people whose business constantly seems to be outperforming yours even though you put all your effort and hours of time trying to make your business a success.

It may surprise you, but the answer could be as simple as, they hired a freelance writer!

Yep, it might be hard to believe, but a freelance writer can really make all the things we mentioned in the first paragraph, happen.

Let me prove it to you. I was approached by a client who had a beautifully designed and informative website. Yet, they were struggling to drive visitors to it. I suggested they started to post regular blog articles covering topics that were of interest to their target audience.

Within one month, I increased this client’s website visitor numbers by 65%, through posting weekly blog articles and promoting these across articles across their social media channels.

As you can imagine the client was extremely happy with this result!

I don’t need to hire a freelance writer

The one thing that all clients say to me when we first start working together, is “I thought I didn’t need a writer”.

They tried to do it themselves and found that planning, researching, writing and editing articles took more time than they thought it would.

In the end, more urgent business tasks took precedence and creating content for a website, social media, brochures etc. gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

When people realise they can pass these tasks onto somebody who can handle it for them (and who enjoys doing it), they rarely go back to doing it themselves.

Writers do more than write

That’s right. Whilst we may spend a large proportion of time at a computer putting words on to a page, we do more than that.

Writer’s help clients find their brand voice, define a client’s audience base, give advice on the best methods of communication, come up with tag lines, write social media messages, create key business messages and steer the business’ strategy.

The end product that a copywriter presents you is a written piece of work, but there has been a lot of behind the scene work that has gone into delivering this written work.

If you are thinking of hiring the services of a freelance writer, you can get in touch with me using the contact form below. Let’s see what magical things we can create together!



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