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What does a copywriter do
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When I decided I wanted to become a freelancer copywriter I excitedly announced it to my family. I was expecting congratulatory hugs and responses of “good for you”. Instead, I was met with puzzled looks and responses of “a freelance what?” and “you know nothing about law!”

In hindsight, I should have expected this response as my family have never really understood what I do for a living. My background is in digital marketing, specifically social media management. Trying to explain to them that I plan and create content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and manage engagement on these platforms for businesses has not been easy. Personally, I think they think that I play around on the internet all day.

What I didn’t expect was similar responses from people who I already knew and who understand what I did as a job.

Again, when I announced to my network that I was becoming a freelance copywriter, I was met with “oh, you are going into law?”

What? I asked myself. I then realised that people were getting confused with the term copyright. Copyright is a law that is designed to protect the creator of original pieces of work. You will often here musical artists copyright their music so it is protected from illegal downloads.

What I do is totally different and has nothing to do with law. The only legal knowledge I have has been gathered from watching programs like Elementary and CSI.

What does a copywriter do?

In simple terms, I am a thinker, creator and writer. I don’t write novels or short stories (not yet anyway) but I do work with businesses to help tell their brand or business story.

To do this, I:

  • Spend time with businesses to get to know their business and the people behind it
  • Get to know who buys goods or services from the business and put together a buyer persona detailing what they like, their aspirations and reasons for buying what they do
  • Discuss with businesses what message they want to get across
  • Shape these messages so they match what their target audience is interested in
  • Take these ideas and produce them in a written format

So, if you want somebody to work with you to craft ideas and put them into words, get in touch with me. If you are in need of legal advice, I can recommend a good solicitor.

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