I went from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I’ll do it’

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Before I became a freelance writer, I didn’t realise how much work goes into running your business. As a small business owner, you take on every role, even if you know how to do it, or not.

The first thing that I knew I had to do when I decided to start out as a freelance writer was, to build my own website. With, my background in marketing and working with websites, I thought this would be easy. I was very wrong.

The sites I have worked on in the past had been built by web developers and when they had finished I filled it with great content. I didn’t have the funds to employ a web developer so I had to do this bit myself. Whilst, I was very excited about doing this, I was also petrified. In the past, I would have shied away from it because of a lack of confidence, but, with no else to do it, I knew I had to.

It wasn’t easy and I made numerous mistakes along the way, but here we are, I have my own website and blog. It’s not perfect and it will continue to be a work in progress, but I am very happy with it and the best thing is, I did it all on my own.

I know I will face many challenges along the way, but after this, I know I have the confidence and determination to do it.



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