What the Twitter changes mean to small businesses

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Twitter is changing on 19th September.

If you are a small business and use Twitter as part of your marketing communications, do you know what these changes are and how you can make the most of them?

When I first heard about the proposed changes, back in May 2016. I was worried, I thought it might be the end of the  short snappy tweets. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be, as this is what I love Twitter for.

A couple of days ago, Twitter announced that these changes will be happening on 19th September (only a few days away). The changes may not seem significant but if you use, Twitter, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to fit everything you want to say into 140 characters. From Monday, media attachments and adding a username at the beginning of the tweet will no longer be included in the 140 characters. I agree, it’s not a massive change, but it gives you more to work with.

I thought that whilst I am discussing Twitter, I would share my top tips for getting the most out of Twitter. These are my Twitter tips:

  • Connect to people who you want to reach
  • Tweet regularly 3-4 times a day
  • Make your tweets interesting, a little mysterious and intriguing (your aim is to get people to click on the link to read further and a little intrigue is great for this)
  • Add imagery or video to your tweets
  • Use relevant and recognisable hashtags (don’t be tempted to make up your own)
  • Retweet other’s tweets
  • Turn a tweet into a conversation (ask your followers questions and answer their questions if they ask any)

I hope you find this useful. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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