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I thought I would be organised and start Christmas shopping. I know, Christmas shopping in September! Anyway, I saw something I liked for a friend and went online to order it. It was from a newish company and they don’t have a shop, so I had to order it online. Not a problem, I love online shopping. As, I was out at the time, it had to do it on my mobile. I typed in the url, and waited, and waited. The site finally loaded and then it hit me, it wasn’t mobile friendly (no, it didn’t call my mobile a nasty name) it wasn’t designed to work on a mobile device, only a computer or laptop.

No problem, you may think. Well, I tried to make my order, but some of the links wouldn’t work, the pages were cut off, as they had been designed for a bigger screen, not a 5 x 2 inch screen. I decided to give up and do it later, which I did, but many others wouldn’t. They would click away and might end up ordering from competitors.

So, as the title says, mobile is magic. This mantra is more relevant to small businesses, as we are competing against bigger brands (who have bigger budgets) for customers attention.

I don’t normally like to bore people with statistics but there are actually more devices than people (unbelievably this is around 7 billion),  7 out of 10 people in the UK own a mobile device and the age of people who own a mobile device is getting younger (my son who is nearly 9 is asking for one, what!).

For any business, large or small to survive and thrive in this mobile-obsessed world, they need to have a website that is accessible on a mobile device, this isn’t restricted to mobile’s but includes tablets as well. People’s lives are becoming ruled by technology and small businesses need to make sure they stay relevant and up to date with this technology.

This may scary, confusing and costly. It doesn’t have to be, I built my own site from scratch, so next time I will share with you some tips I have picked up from doing this.

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