Easing the pain point

answering customer quedtions
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My last article ‘Who are your fans?’ looked at how you can identify your target audience using the customer persona method.

This article focuses on easing your audience’s pain point.

You’re probably asking what is a pain point.

Each of your customers may have a different pain point. What unites them is that the product or service your business offers can ease this pain point. For example, imagine you own a recruitment agency. A candidate’s pain point could be that they are missing out on being chosen for interviews because their CV is too lengthy.

Your agency can help this candidate by posting a link from your Facebook page to a downloadable CV template. This helps the candidate because they can use the template to layout their CV. It also helps your agency as you now have the contact details of somebody you can market to in the future.

Do things differently

Marketers give different labels to this type of marketing. Some refer to it as ‘inbound marketing’, some call it ‘relationship marketing’ and others label it ‘content marketing’. Whatever you chose to call it, the premise is always the same – produce content that makes people’s life easier whilst at the same time highlighting your experience and expertise.

Doing things differently will get your message noticed, but to make your messages meaningful they need to be consistent.

How to achieve consistency in your marketing messages

Being consistent doesn’t mean posting the same message across all social media channels, or sending the same email message to all your customers on your database.

Consistency starts with a discussion with to identify; who you are speaking to, what these people want to hear and how your business is going to speak to them. This information forms the base for all your marketing messages, may it be blog articles, social media posts or videos.

It can be tricky to maintain consistency when you are busy or if you pass it onto someone else to do it. It may be helpful to create a document that outlines words or phrases that the company will or will not use to describe yourself to customers. This document is often referred as a ‘tone of voice’ document.

This document can be given to existing staff and new joiners to detail how to communicate with customers in emails, over social media and on the phone.

If everyone who is involved in the business can drive consistency across all communication channels the result could be a positive shift in the business’ bottom-line.

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