Content marketing: is it time you got with the craze?

Content marketing
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Content marketing is using unique, interesting and informative online material to draw visitors to your website or raise awareness of your product or service.

Online material includes things like blog articles, video’s, infographs and social media posts.

Content marketing is not like other traditional forms of marketing, which are usually focussed on informing people (via advertising channels) how great your product or service is.

Content marketing has been around for a few years in the form of blog posts. It has only been in the last few years that businesses and brands have thought about incorporating blog posts with other media forms, like; videos, animated gifs, interactive infographs etc.

Why you should be doing content marketing

When I meet with small business owners I often hear “I’m only a small business, I don’t need a blog!”

I am quick to explain to them that they are wrong to think this.

Every business, no matter how big or small, should be doing some form of content marketing.

Content marketing is about making your audiences’ life easier and focusses on answering their questions and educating them on the latest trends / products / services that will be of interest to them. Whilst, at the same time, highlighting your expertise in your given area.

If your business goals include; increasing awareness of your brand, driving more traffic to your website and establishing yourself as an expert in your given area, content marketing is one of the things you should be spending your time on.

Is content marketing easy?

I’m not going to lie to you and say it is easy and that you will see immediate results. You won’t. Achieving results from content marketing takes time. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money.

You can write and publish a blog post yourself, very easily. You can hire graph designers and videographers on sites like Fiverr, for a reasonable cost.

What you can expect to get from content marketing

When it comes to content marketing, you have to be prepared to put in the time and work. You will not see a 100% increase in web traffic by posting one blog post. For your business to see results from content marketing you need to be using it in a strategically planned way.

This involves researching; what your target audience is interested in, what they are searching for online, what pieces of news might be of interest to them and what the current trends are and how they may impact on your audience. The next stage is to deliver content that matches what your audience is interested in using a method that is easy and quick to digest.

In return for posting all this fantastically researched content, you should see increased traffic to your website, more followers on social media, greater engagement across your social networks and more leads.

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