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Content marketing: is it time you got with the craze?

Content marketing

Content marketing is using unique, interesting and informative online material to draw visitors to your website or raise awareness of your product or service. Online material includes things like blog articles, video’s, infographs and social media posts. Content marketing is not like other traditional forms of marketing, which are usually focussed on informing people (via […]

Writers are your right hand man (or woman)

Why hire a freelance writer

Why hire a freelance writer? What differentiates you from someone whose business has a larger following on social media, has more clients, makes more money, or is constantly featured in magazines? Some might say “passion”, “determination” or “enthusiasm”. You have all these, right? Yet, there are people whose business constantly seems to be outperforming yours […]

Win or Lose?

negative content

A question many marketers are asking is ‘Should I take part in the shock factor?’ Luckily for us, this doesn’t involve auditioning in front of Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne. The ‘shock factor’ involves brands, or organisations using shocking or negative content to draw attention to them. It can be a dangerous game to play, […]

What do you do?

What does a copywriter do

When I decided I wanted to become a freelancer copywriter I excitedly announced it to my family. I was expecting congratulatory hugs and responses of “good for you”. Instead, I was met with puzzled looks and responses of “a freelance what?” and “you know nothing about law!” In hindsight, I should have expected this response […]

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